Colors of life

I’m a hedonist. I love enjoying life and try to take as much as I can from it. Some people think it’s only big things that matter. Say, their family or career or some freaky life mission. I won’t argue that. I’ll just add that small things are important too. Sometimes you can only big something big and meaningful from many many tiny fragments that seem irrelevant when you take them separately. That’s why I believe there are no such things in our life that don’t matter. Everything from your cherished dream to the color of nails can turn out to be crucial. I’m a fan of details. Wanna know my secret? You don’t need to feel overwhelmed by details and burdened with them. Such attitude kills all the fun. Instead, try to enjoy them. Lighten up! Get a kick out of the process. You’ll love it!


As an artist (though not a very brilliant one), I’m constantly prowling the internet for new inspirations. I don’t mind wasting time flipping through Pinterest and Deviantart pages in search of something extraordinary. That’s yet another small thing that brings me pleasure. A few days ago, I saw something amazing! Those were paintings by Leonid Afremov, a not so well known artist from Israeli who lives in Mexico. Yeah, tricky story. The way he paints is… unbelievable!


  • Your eyes never saw such a huge concentration of color!
  • Everything is painted in multihued flaky strokes, like petals, or raindrops, or fireworks.
  • By the way, it’s often raining in Afremov’s pictures, but his rain is warm and bright!
  • Lamp posts, house windows, street lights and countless reflections make his canvases sparkle!


But the most important thing about them is the atmosphere. There is so much life and joy in those unpretentious landscapes and city views! You can feel your mood go up simply by looking at them! I was so impressed by Leonid Afremov and his works that I immediately decided to buy one. I chose a painting showing a tropical beach at sunset. I already added it to the shopping card and wanted to click the purchase button when I suddenly started having second thoughts. What if I’m making a mistake? What if Afremov and all this site is one big deceit? Then my risky side won and I did it. And you know what? I didn’t have to worry! The canvas arrived in time and delivery was absolutely free. I even saved up by hitting the deal of the day. So if you ever think of buying art online, I know just the right place for it!

New on my watchlist!


You know how everyone is afraid that the human race will be destroyed by intelligent robots. To be honest, I too had a few nightmares of the kind. But, if we think about it, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an atomic war or a perfectly planned apocalypse. It all may go smoothly and quietly, like in this awesome TV series I recently rustled up: It’s very cool (because it’s British)! The series shows a near future where all the dirty and tough jobs are done by synthetics – robots that look exactly like humans and can fully interact with them, but have no thoughts or feelings. However, a solitary living scientists invents a way to instill human consciousness into synthetic bodies. He creates several ‘conscious’ synths to take care of his son (who is also half-synth, creepy!). But suddenly the scientist dies and his creations are left on their own. They are hunted by a secret corporation that has some ambitious plans involving them. To protect herself, one of the runaways loads a fake interface into her brain and gets into an unsuspecting family that takes her for a regular synth. The way their relationships evolve and the twists the story takes are truly thrilling! If you love good play and subtle character psychology, you should watch this series big time!

Boo from Malibu!

Hey everyone! I’m Stacey Sheppard, a fooling around student, sort of an artist, Ms. Check Shirt, always-up-for-another-helping with a few charming extra pounds, compulsive talkshow watcher and desperate surfer from Malibu. Yes, I actually live in this legendary place and tread that very beach on a daily basis. What can I say, life here is both very similar and very different from 11 seasons of ‘Rescuers’.  Of course, it also includes everything left behind the scenes, but now and again Malibu can strike you with true cinematic groove! As for me, I play my own part in this endless series called life and I’m quite contended with it!